RIZZNOVA: Every Piercing Tells A Tale

At Rizznova, we believe that every piercing is a chapter in the extraordinary narrative of you. "Every piercing tells a tale" is not just a slogan; it's the essence of our brand. We understand that the pain experienced during each puncture becomes a unique memory, deeply ingrained in your personal journey.


In our world, the perception of pain is an art, and we've categorized it into 5 distinct levels. Let's embark on this journey together:


Level 1 - Subtle Sensations: Lip Perimeter, Lip Surface, Nose Studs


Level 2 - Earful of Edge: Earlobes, Ear Cartilage


Level 3 - Bold Expressions: Eyebrow, Tongue, Dimple Piercings


Level 4 - Navel Nerve: Navel Piercings


Level 5 - Intense Elegance: Nipple Piercings